Birthday celebration

May 17 we celebrate Birgit Nilssons birthday 

We celebrate the birthday at the Birgit Nilsson Museum 10.00-17.00. Free entry to this year’s exhibition “Vienna – the city of my dreams”.

We raise the flag for Birgit and if you have a flag, you are welcome to do the same on the municipal flag day. Warm welcome!


10.00 am The flag is raised by Båstad’s municipal councilor Johan Olsson Swanstein.

11.00 am Announcement and song by Birgit Nilsson Stipendium receiver 2024. Presentation by Bengt Hall, Foundation for Birgit Nilsson’s Stipendium Fund.

A tradition

Birgit was born and raised on the Bjäre Peninsula and it was part of good practice to organize large birthday parties. Birgit gladly invited loved ones to her home and we want to preserve this tradition.

Birthday coffee in the Stable café

Take the opportunity to celebrate with something good in the Stable café. Here you will find many treats to choose from and you can sit both inside the stables or outside in the yard. Read more about the Stable café here.

Stipendium 2024

Birgit was happy to encourage young musicians and felt a personal responsibility for the future of opera. She established a national scholarship for young Swedish singers and the first one was awarded in 1973. The scholarship is announced on May 17 and is the highlight of the birthday celebration.

The scholarship awarding with subsequent concert takes place in connection with the Birgit Nilsson days in Västra Karup’s Church. Here you will find more information about the Birgit Nilsson Scholarship.

Birgit Nilsson Museum Birgit in Svenstad hembyggd