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Birthday celebration and the Prize announcement

In keeping with tradition, the next Birgit Nilsson Prize recipient will be revealed on Birgit’s birthday and, for the first time, the press meeting will take place at the Birgit Nilsson Museum. By bringing the Prize announcement back to Birgit’s very own roots in South Sweden we have the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate her complete legacy.

Today Birgit Nilsson’s legacy includes masterclasses for young singers, an annual Stipendium supporting professional singers at the start of their careers and the much coveted Prize, awarded to artists or institutions who have contributed an important chapter to musical history. From farmer’s daughter to operatic legend, Birgit Nilsson never lost sight of who she was and how she achieved it. And she wanted her legacy to inspire future generations to also remain true to themselves in their quest for musical excellence.

Join us live from Birgit’s childhood home in South Sweden for this year’s birthday celebration and Prize announcement: 17 May at 11.00 CET Read more about the birthday celebration here.