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August Follin-A shepherd boy

At the age of 14, August Follin makes his debut as an opera singer. Specifically as the shepherd boy in Tosca in Concert, Giacomo Puccini’s popular opera as an outdoor performance on the large meadow at the Birgit Nilsson Museum in Svenstad. Together with big stars such as Joyce El-Khoury, Richard Söderberg and John Lundgren, August takes the stage in the summer’s grand finale of the Birgit Nilsson days.

It’s the weekend and August Follin is about to go out for a round of golf. In addition to singing, he is involved in various sports such as football, tennis, golf. Swimming in the pool is also high on the wish list. School work seems to go like a dance, favorite subjects are maths, English and of course music.

How did the song start then? August says that already at the age of 4 he sang so much at home that his mother made sure that he joined the school choir as soon as possible.

“Unfortunately, one by one my friends left the choir, so I was soon the only guy and had also thought about quitting, but then my mother persuaded me to continue. I haven’t had to regret that”.

And on that road it is. Encouraged by Rakel Holm, cantor in Båstad and Östra Karup’s parish, he soon got to sing solo, and the assignments got bigger and bigger. The repertoire spans between classical and pop, from Lloyd-Webber’s “Pie Jesu” and Chess’s “Anthem” to Benjamin Ingrosso and Tomas Stenström.

This summer will therefore be his operatic debut and before that, on July 20, he will be a soloist at one of the popular summer concerts Enjoyable in Ängelholm. There is only one “but”, and that is that the inevitable goal violation will have to wait a little longer. However, he himself seems to be taking it easy and has his sights set on Tosca in Concert.

August Follin, 14 years old, soprano

From: Båstad

First solo performance: 8 years old and with Luciatåget in Mariakyrkan, Båstad TV program: Idol

Team: Djurgården (located in the family)

Future job: singer or why not manager of a company

Current: Herdegossen in Tosca in Concert, Birgit Nilsson Museum, 12 August

Tickets to Tosca in Concert can be bought through Phone +46 (0)775-700 400