Wonderful feature about Birgit Nilsson in Opernwelt

This summer Opernwelt visited the Birgit Nilsson Museum and hiked around the Bjare Penninsula in Birgit’s footsteps. The resulting feature entitled “Brünnhilde from Båstad” is a wonderful portrait of both La Nilsson’s roots and legacy.

The barn is divided into three parts: At the two ends are the brick boxes for the pigs, while in the middle there is enough space and feeding troughs for the cattle. During the day, they graze on the green meadows that stretch across the gently rolling landscape of the Bjäre peninsula in southern Sweden. The picture can hardly adequately describe the beauty of this landscape … La Nilsson kept her parents’ farm, which was sacred to her, until her death in 2005 and beyond, according to her last will. Eleven years ago, the property was turned into a museum … which touchingly traces the path to her career: with memorabilia such as the chalice that held the love potion in Wieland Wagner’s Bayreuth production of “Tristan and Isolde”, with costumes of the great singer as well as with comprehensive picture, sound and video documents.

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