We welcome groups

Group size

We welcome groups of 16 to 50 people including driver and travel guide. Groups are accepted during the pre- and post-season. The pre-season runs from 9 May to 22 June and the post-season from 30 August to 30 September.
Discount is given at the entrance. The visit must be pre-booked

Covid-19 and group booking

We follow the Public Health Agency’s guidelines.
Be patient with the fact that our reception at the entrance takes longer for us to be able to keep our distance.
We all have a responsibility to ensure that visitors keep their distance from each other and stay at home at the slightest symptom.


Prices for group booking

Admission prices per person Guided tour of the house: SEK 80 Exhibition with audio guide: SEK 80 (regular price SEK 120)

Café prices per person
Coffee / tea with refill – SEK 30

Stable cafe’s buisquit plate – SEK 60 wheat bread, carrot cake and Stable cafe’s small bread

Birgits Aidatårta with fresh berries and cream – SEK 55 chocolate meringue base with hazelnuts and chocolate buttercream

Birgits Apelsinkaka – SEK 30 sponge cake flavored with orange

Half rye bun with cheese or ham – SEK 30 with salad and vegetables

We welcome booked group visits during the pre- and post-season.

The pre-season runs from 9 May to 22 June and the post-season from 30 August to 30 September.

How to plan your group booking

Before the visit

You can reach us most easily by sending an e-mail to museum@birgitnilsson.com You can also call 0431-311 860 and leave a message on the answering machine, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

In Stallkaféet we can offer coffee, tea, homemade cakes and sandwiches according to your wishes. No later than five days before the visit, we need to know how many of you are in the group and possibly. special diet.

For the best route to the museum, read more under contact.

When you arrive

We want you who arrive by bus to stay on the bus to wait for the museum staff, who will inform you about the structure and content of the visit.

If you have chosen a tour of the house, you will be divided into smaller groups. The viewing time is 30 minutes per group.

You experience the exhibition with an audio guide. Take part in this year’s film cinema hall and unique sound recordings in the media room.

Everything is ready-made in the Stable Café based on your order.

Security in the prevailing situation

To ensure the safety of our visitors and employees, we have taken a number of measures in the business.

We encourage you as a visitor to think about distance from others and stay home at the slightest symptom.

Together we create a safe experience with us!