Discover the surroundings

The homeland meant a lot to Birgit and there are many strawberry places to explore. Here we have collected tips that we think can be helpful for those who are interested

Hembygdsparken in Boarp

The homeland meant a lot to Birgit Nilsson. For many years, concerts were arranged with Birgit, mainly in Västra Karup’s church, for the benefit of Bjäre Härad’s Hembygdsförening in Boarp. Phone 070-855 62 13 Bjäre Härads Hembygdsförening

Bjäre Golf Club and Salomon Krog, Salomonhög

Golf, accommodation and restaurant. Phone number 0431-361053,

Boarps Handelsby

Along road 115 between Båstad and Torekov is Boarps Handelsby. Discover its varied and wide range where something for all occasions and tastes can be found at

Båstad Golf Club and Food & Meetings, Boarp

Golf and restaurant Phone number 0431-78370, Phone number 0431-73124,

Bäckdalens Handelsträdgård

Handelsträdgården with KRAV cultivation, café, farm shop and orangery with various exciting events and courses. Phone number 0431-365314,


This bistro is located by Norrviken’s car park. Here you can enjoy Italian ice cream, pralines and much more. Phone number 073-5044646,

Destination Hallandsåsen

A guide for you who want to get inspiration for excursion destinations and know more about what the senses are offered, from northwestern Skåne to southwestern Halland.

Hallands Väderö

West of the Bjäre Peninsula is the island and the nature reserve Hallands Väderö During spring-summer, tour boats go here according to schedule. Here you will find hiking trails, beaches, a café and the opportunity to live in the old lighthouse keepers’ homes and a guided tour of the island, and more. Telephone number (ticket office) 0431-363045,

Hotell Båstad Sportcenter, Båstad

Phone number 0431-68500,

Hotel & Restaurant Hovs Hallar

Hotel, restaurant, party, wedding, conference. Hovs Hallars nature reserve. Phone number 0431-448370,

Hotel Riviera Strand, Båstad

Phone number 0431-558228,


The old dairy in Västra Karup is today a cultural center with a focus on offering organic alternatives. Gallery, garden café, shop and inspiration. Phone number 0431-360700,

Malens Krog, Båstad

Phone number 0431-369896,

Food & Meetings, Båstad Business Village

Restaurant, catering and party. Phone number 0431-70280,

Märta Måås-Fjetterström

In Båstad is the textile workshop with ancestry that manages the rich artistic heritage after Märta Måås-Fjetterström. Phone number 0431-70183,

Norrvikens Trädgårdar

Experience the beautiful garden with seven unique style gardens, laid out at the beginning of the last century by Rudolf Abelin. There is also the Orangeriet restaurant and Salamander café & bar. For opening hours and information, visit:

Pensionat Neptun, Båstad

Phone number 0431-369130,

Ramsjögård Hotell, Ramsjö

Hotel and farm shop. Phone number 0431-366247,

Pensionat & Restaurang Hjorten

Telephone number 0431–701 09,

Ravinen Art Gallery

A living and dynamic meeting place for art, music, experiences and design on the Bjäre Peninsula in Skåne,

Restaurant Drivan

Phone number 072-3076540,

Restaurant and guest house Enehall, Båstad

Phone number 0431-75015,

Restaurant G Swensons, Torekov

Restaurant, catering, weddings and events. Phone number 0431-364590,

Restaurant and hotel Margretetorp Gästgifvaregård, Margretetorp

Phone number 0431-454450,

Restaurant and hotel Skansen, Båstad

Phone number 0431-558100,

Restaurant and Hotel Torekov Hotel, Torekov

Phone number 0431-471600,

Language guide Ingrid Persson Skog

Ingrid guides in Swedish or in English. She offers many different ready-made guided tours or tailors a guided tour according to your wishes. With great local knowledge and subject knowledge, you get to hear her tell about various historical events. The website’s calendar is continuously updated with dates and times for various guided tours. Phone number 0738 –503343,

Tant Grön & Elin & Arvid

The farm shop in Västra Karup with delicacies and delicacies from near and far. Elin & Arvid is the farm’s beautiful lifestyle store with clothes from well-known quality brands. Phone number 0431-360039,

Torekovs Golf Club and Krogen

Golf and restaurant Phone number 0431-44 98 40,

Torekov tourist and swimming association

Phone number 0431-363180,

The tourist office Båstad

Phone number 0431-75045,

Experience Bjäre

A guide for you who want to know more about Bjäre and the peninsula’s rich range of experiences. Here, accommodation, experiences and much more can also be booked, directly on the website.

Valhall Park hotel & restaurant, Ängelholm

Phone number 0431-25508,

Victoria, Båstad

Café, restaurant and bar. Phone number 0431-71940,

The weaver in Båstad

Linen weaving with a long tradition and great craftsmanship that produces whole linen products of the highest quality. Guided tour can be booked. Phone number 0431-73108,

Åkagårdens Lodge and Åkagårdens Golf Course, Grevie

Golf, accommodation and events. Phone number 0431-417730, Phone number 0431-417730,

Åkagårdens Golfkrog, Grevie

Restaurant, catering and events. Phone number 0431-361055,

Åshallsgården, Birgit Nilsson’s road

Phone number 0702-29 73 70,

Äppelgårdens Golfklubb, Båstad Golf, accommodation and restaurant.

Phone number 0431-22330,